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Dr. Chen is one of the most gentle and compassionate vets we have ever encountered. Her approach to helping our senior English Bulldog with her arthritis was simple and effective, and gave our pup an incredible quality of life through age 16. Through alternative medicines, acupuncture and laser therapies we were able to relieve her pain and even saw her run in the yard like a puppy after a few sessions. It gave us peace of mind knowing that we were doing what we could to keep our girl pain free and happy. Bringing Dr. Chen into our lives was the best decision we ever made.


Dr Chen and her acupuncture are a miracle – literally. I have a 10 year old labradoodle who could barely stand up. Having her come to the house was a God send as I was unable to get him into a car. He had been moaning from lower back pain which had been a problem for a few weeks. He had been on pain medicine – but that only masked the problem. After his first acupuncture treatment he was running and playing again within the first week. He had his second treatment today and he is in love with Dr Chen! She is clearly a natural with animals. I can’t say enough great things – she is a miracle in our lives as my dog is no longer suffering and his injury is actually healing! Thank you Dr Chen!


Dr. Chen responded right away to my call. She was so caring on the phone I knew we’d be in good hands. I could not lift my overweight 12-year-old golden retriever. I thought acupuncture might help him. He had been slipping on walks and on the stairs – it was very worrisome. Dr. Chen has been helping him with treatment and acupuncture. She stopped his pain meds immediately – he has not needed them due to her treatment! Dr. Chen is wonderful!


Dear Dr. Lily,

I’m so excited because it’s almost Sunday! Before you even knock, I’ll be at the front door to greet you. I hope that you bring some yummy treats. My favorite is the colostrum because sometimes it sticks to my nose and makes Mom laugh. The turmeric treat is so delicious. Combined with my acupuncture treatments, it makes me able to run and jump like I did when I was a puppy.

Honestly, I’m not very brave or fond of needles, but I watched my brother Sammy heal and get so strong that I decided to give it a try, and I love it! It makes me feel so good. Before you gave Sammy acupuncture treatments, he would drag his back legs. After a while, Sammy started walking like he used to, then running and one day jumping up on his favorite perch-the leather chair by the window. He loved the acupuncture and your attention so much. Remember how he draped himself across you? He was so relaxed that he fell asleep and snored! That’s true love and trust. I miss my brother, but he had a great life. He had several. You saved him from himself so many times. Remember the time he swallowed Sophie’s favorite ball whole and had severe pancreatitis? Luckily you diagnosed it and assembled the surgical team so fast that Sammy recovered only to go back to his old ways and eat a stomach full of grass and sticks. Then you saved him again!

Then there was my sweet sister Sophie. She was so scared when she got cancer. We all were, but because you diagnosed it so fast and were able to take blood at our house, Sophie was spared more physical and emotional pain. Sophie never liked going to the doctor’s office. She used to shake and tremble. Since you came to our house, Sophie was brave and happy. I had to nudge her out of the way so I could give you kisses first.

Sophie didn’t like the chemotherapy and it made her sick, but the acupuncture, Chinese herbs and green tea you prescribed, made her more comfortable. It gave her a quality of life and allowed her to be her happy self until the end. Mom has a great photo of a relaxed and happy Sophie getting her final acupuncture treatment and a video of her wagging her tail and eating a whole container of turkey.

Mom said you’re a born healer and trusted you to know what to do and when. She said that you stayed with her and Sophie and the Sophie passed peacefully. You have always made all of our lives better. You are the best doctor in the world. You give the best hugs, have the best treats and always know how to make me feel better. I love you, Dr. Lily!

Karen R.

Dr. Chen is not only one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet, she is also incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Our 14 year old medium to large size rescue pooch Jordy, who is arthritic and came to us with lots of scars and lumps from past injuries, experienced unbelievable results from just one treatment! I should mention that, on top of being old and arthritic, he also completely ruptured his ACL/CCL almost two years ago, and he has walked with a pretty good limp since then, despite our best efforts at rehabbing it (he did not have surgery). When Dr. Chen told us we might see a result from just one treatment, I was a bit skeptical because our Jordy is just so compromised. But — the day after his first treatment, he was running and playing in the yard the way he did a few years ago, and clearly feeling so much better! He has been walking with a much more fluid gait, and walking faster and farther than we have been able to walk him in a long time. It’s been over a week since his treatment, and he is still feeling great! We can’t get over it. Everyone in my family now wants to have the treatment he had. Dr. Chen is amazing!!!! We are so lucky we found her. Thank you, Dr. Chen!!!!


I could give more stars for Dr. Lily I would, and so would Oscar de la Hoya, my 10 year old boxer. When I found Dr. Lily I was in a panic, as my fur child had recently had surgery to remove a large mass from on top of his kidney and vena cava. The diagnosis was grim – hemangiosarcoma, one of the most aggressive forms of dog cancer and prognosis was 1-3 month lifespan if we did not do chemo. I was struggling with all the information that I was trying to sort through in order to make the right decisions for him and looking for a holistic vet for an alternate opinion. I had also heard that acupuncture could be good for dogs with this diagnosis as well as arthritis which was starting to rear it’s head with Oscar.

Thank goodness I found Dr. Lily as she covered all of those bases and exceeded my expectations and continues to do so! Don’t get me wrong, I was a bit skeptical at first – dogs and acupuncture? Really? However, after the first few sessions, it was obvious that Oscar’s arthritis symptoms were easing and that he was thriving and thoroughly enjoying his sessions with her (hence all of the tail wagging and licking when he sees her!) She was also so calm and reassuring to me, that she truly helped me resolve my panic over his health and think more clearly about the path of his care.

Dr. Lily helped me work through the decision on chemo (which I ultimately chose not to do,) recommended supplements and diet protocols for Oscar as well as keeps an eye on any new lumps and bumps that come along. She patiently answers all of my questions (and even ones about my cat whom she doesn’t treat,) answers texts quickly and goes above and beyond the in-home treatment. Without Dr. Lily, her treatments, knowledge, support and compassion, Oscar would not be where he is today, plowing past that 1-3 month lifespan diagnosis on his way to almost 16 months past that!!!

On top of all of that, I truly have come to enjoy her visits and our conversation – she is a genuine person with great care and compassion for animals and the people she works with. I highly, highly recommend her and would trust her with the care of any animal (and human being!)