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Has your pet been diagnosed with cancer?

Dealing With Pet Cancer

For pet parents in California and beyond with a dog or cat diagnosed with cancer, welcome to your answer to top tier scientifically-based holistic cancer treatment for your pet.

Integrative Pet Wellness Center is a premier veterinary oncology center in California using holistic therapies with success. Dr. Lily Chen, owner and doctor of veterinary medicine, is joined by integrative veterinary oncologist, Dr. Trina Hazzah, to bring pet cancer patients throughout the United States cutting-edge cancer treatments to improve healing, quality of life, and recovery.

Dr. Trina Hazzah is one of only four integrative veterinary oncology experts in the United States, and the only one in California, to offer a unique approach to treating pets with cancer.

Caring and Compassion

A cancer diagnosis is always difficult. Our team offers caring and compassionate support to get you and your pet through this tough time. We treat pet cancer using holistic and alternative therapies that help the body’s immune system fight back.

Every day, the world of integrative oncology is developing new ways to effectively treat a variety of pet cancers. Dr. Hazzah is an authority in the field of veterinary oncology, and Dr. Chen has been one of the leading innovators in impacting the landscape of improving treatments and results. At Integrative Pet Wellness Center, we are leading the way toward a better quality of life for more patients.

Our Philosophy: Scientific, Evidence-Based, and Holistic

We use a scientific and evidence-based approach in the use of holistic treatments. Our goal is to cure cancer, improve your pet natural immunity and health, and avoid reoccurrence. Extensively trained in the specialized diagnosis and treatment of cancer, we provide the highest level of care for every cancer pet patient who comes through our doors. Our credentials include:

  • Veterinary Specialist Doctors in both Eastern and Western medicine
  • Extensive experience in cannabis medicine and holistic therapies
  • Improved quality of life for pets undergoing cancer treatment
  • Potential for increased survival time and quality of life
  • Focus on addressing underlying causes, not just symptoms
  • Complementary support for conventional cancer treatments
  • Access to cutting-edge therapies under expert guidance

Comprehensive Care and Treatment Options

We develop customized plans that combine multiple treatments and cutting-edge innovations. The goal is to attack the disease and add quality time to your pet’s life. Our cancer care services include holistic Targeted Therapy, Immunotherapy, Supportive Care, and Palliative Care.

Our Specialized Cancer Treatment Services include:

  • Microbiome Therapy
  • Mistletoe Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Cannabis Therapy
  • High-dose IV Vitamin C Therapy
  • Targeted Botanical and Herbal Therapies

Personalized Diagnosis and Treatment

Our most important foundation is a customized plan. Every pet and condition is different. It’s all about that individual body and its immune system. We excel in a specialized approach designed to uncover underlying imbalances and deficiencies that contribute to the cancer state. By identifying and addressing root causes, we aim to not only treat and slow down cancer progression but also restore the body’s natural balance.

Prevention: A Key Focus

We believe that any pet can benefit from starting a cancer prevention journey at any time. By taking proactive steps now, you can help ensure a healthier future for your beloved companion.

Start Your Pet’s Journey to Wellness

Whether your pet is currently battling cancer, in remission, or you’re simply interested in prevention, our integrative approach can support their health at any stage. We provide truly comprehensive care that’s sought after by pet owners in California and across the United States.

At Integrative Pet Wellness Center, we’re committed to offering hope, support, and innovative treatments to improve your pet’s quality of life.

**Telehealth options are available to help guide pets and families who may not be able to come in person.