New Patients

We are so excited to meet you! We look forward to helping you and your pet with integrative veterinary care. We just need some information to get started.

Hi there! Are you our next unicorn patient?

As a practice, we take an innovative approach to pet care – combining the best of Eastern and Western healing – and we have an open mind and listening ears. We listen to your needs and wishes and we always have options. In our intimate office, make yourself at home as we focus on one patient at a time. Our patients are the fur children, the heart dogs and the soul cats. They are the most special beings and everything to their people. We are obsessed about hearing their stories, participating in their journeys, and helping in any way we can so they can live the best lives possible.

Details are important to us – so we start our journey together with a detailed new patient form, review of prior medical records, and a telehealth video chat call with Dr. Lily to discuss your pet’s care first. This is one of the most important steps to make sure we have all the relevant information, answer your questions, discuss concerns, and make a tentative plan. That way, by the time you come into the office with your pet, we can dive right into focusing our attention on him/her and not spending most of the time talking about the history and issues. It helps to minimize the pet’s anxiety while they wait, and you have an idea of what to expect on your first in-person consultation and treatment time.

Ready for an appointment?

Fill out the New Patient Application below and our team will get back to you to schedule your appointment.
** A deposit for the new patient consultation and treatment is required to confirm your appointment time.
The new patient fee is $375 which includes:

  • Review of the new patient application
  • The 30 minutes telehealth appointment with our doctor
  • The one hour new patient in-person exam, consultation and treatments (the first acupuncture and laser treatments are included if appropriate for your pet).

New Patient Application

Please fill out our new patient registration form in its entirety to ensure we can provide you and your pet with the best possible care. Please Note: Any fields with * are required.

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Telemedicine, General Advice, & Telehealth

For communications between veterinarians and animal owners they are two important categories that are distinguished by whether a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) has been established. Telemedicine, which is client-facing, includes the delivery of information specific to a particular patient and is allowable only within the context of an established VCPR; and non-client-facing models that involve delivery of general advice, telemarketing, and advertising. We only provide telemedicine services when a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationhip has been established.

However, we do provide a general advice to those wanting a consult without an established relationship. General advice is the provision of any health information, opinion, guidance or recommendation concerning prudent future actions that are not specific to a particular patient's Health, illness or injury. This is general advice that is not intended to diagnose, prognosis, treat, correct, change, alleviate, or prevent animal disease, illness, pain, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical, dental, or mental conditions. If you do not have an established VCPR, you may request telehealth consultation.

Telehealth is the safe, appropriate, And timely assessment and management (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not) of animal patients via electronic consultation with their owners. In assessing patient condition electronically, the assessor determines urgency and the need for immediate referral to a veterinarian based on the owners report of history and clinical signs, sometimes supplemented by visual (photographs, video) information. A diagnosis is not rendered and we do not prescribe medication.
Promises and Asks

We believe the best healing happens when the healers and caretakers align with trust and respect. We love all of our patients and will be the best of ourselves for them.

Our Promises to you:
  1. We promise to hold an open and non-judgemental space to meet your unique needs.

  2. We promise to be present and attentive during your appointment time and always stay compassionate and respectful.

  3. We promise to be transparent and authentic with our communications and actions.

  4. We promise to treat your pets as we would with our own.

  5. We promise to be timely with our appointments to the best of our abilities.

Our Asks of you:
  1. We ask for respect and courtesy in your communications and actions.

  2. We ask for open-mindedness in discussing plans and treatment options.

  3. We ask for you to be on time for your appointments.
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