There is a plum tree growing near the front of my house. In the winter time, it only has bare branches. but just this week, I am noticing tiny little leaves and small pink flower buds. 🌸 As the plant begin their colorful transformation, , signaling a change in seasons, it’s a gentle reminder of the cycles in our own lives and the lives of our cherished companions. Just as each leaf tells a story of growth, resilience, and beauty, so too do our pets, especially those gracefully navigating the challenges of chronic illness. 🍂

🌟 The Power of Integrative Care

At the heart of integrative veterinary therapy is the belief in treating the whole patient—not just the symptoms but the mind, body, and spirit. This philosophy guides us in crafting personalized care plans that address not only the physical manifestations of illness but also the emotional and environmental factors contributing to your pet’s condition.

Acupuncture and Beyond: Tailoring Treatment to Each Tail Wag

Imagine, if you will, a serene space where your pet receives acupuncture, a practice as ancient as it is effective. Tiny needles, strategically placed, encourage the body’s natural healing processes, offering relief and rejuvenation. But our journey doesn’t stop there. From nutritional counseling to herbal medicine, and ozone therapy to regenerative medicine, each modality opens new doors to wellness, inviting your pet to step through with tail wagging and spirits lifted. 🐾

Success Stories: Triumphs of the Heart

In our little corner of the world, there’s a spot that’s pretty much a superhero HQ for pets. We have grown to love and welcome the pets when others have thrown in the towel on the fur baby’s chronic issues. Picture this: pups that couldn’t take a step without wincing are now zooming around like they’ve got rocket boosters. Cats that were once curled up in a ball of pain are now leaping and pouncing with the best of them.

Then there’s the crew with tummy troubles, the ones who couldn’t keep a meal down or always having the runs – now, they’re chowing down and chilling out like it’s their job. And let’s not forget the fighters, the pets who looked cancer in the eye and said, “Not today.” These furballs are out there living their best lives, squeezing every drop of joy out of each day.

Every time one of these four-legged wonders walks, runs, or struts through our doors, it’s like a victory lap for what’s possible. It’s the stuff that keeps us going, digging for answers, and refusing to believe that “no other options” is ever the end of the story.

This week, we had a powerful reminder of this – one of our patients who came in 3 months ago was completely paralyzed on one side of the body (front and back). With lots of love and integrative therapy – this little girl is up and going – all without pharmaceuticals or invasive surgery. Keep an eye out on our social media for this brave and miraculous tale of Lexee 🐾

When I started this practice, I wanted to offer other options. And now our mission is clear – to create a space for healing options that don’t exist in other places. While unconventional, I truly believe it is needed. 

Here’s to embracing healing, hand in paw, heart in heart. 💖

Dr. Lily Chen

Starlight Stories

Hey Unicorns, 🦄

It’s me, Starlight, your favorite unicorn mascot, coming to you with a bit of a sparkly secret. ✨ Now, we all know Dianne – yes, the one who keeps reminding us about the importance of brushing our teeth. But between you and me, wielding a toothbrush isn’t exactly a walk in the enchanted forest, especially when you’ve got hooves like I do!
So, what’s a unicorn to do to keep their smile dazzling? Well, Dianne, shared a magical tip not just with me but for all of you pet parents – a water additive that combats plaque and tartar buildup! 🌊💫 It’s like a potion for your potion, making dental care as easy as a sip of water from a crystal-clear stream.
No more fretting about those hard-to-reach places or wondering how to maneuver a toothbrush with hooves. Just a splash of this wonder additive in our water bowls, and we’re on our way to maintaining our pearly whites without the hassle. It’s been a game-changer for me, and I just had to share this with all of you!

How does this magic work? It’s all about a special mix in the water additive that takes on mouth bacteria in a cool way. It uses natural ingredients like soluble fiber to stop bacteria from turning sugar into acids and plaque. There’s also amino acids and vitamins that make bacteria less harmful, plus a bit of sodium bicarbonate to balance mouth pH and help with tooth health. And, it’s even made to ensure pets with sensitivities can use it. The result? Not just cleaner teeth, but way fresher breath too!

Sparkles and smiles,
Starlight 🌟