Hello unicorn friends 🩷

I’ll be honest; I missed sending out last week’s newsletter πŸ“…. I found myself reflecting upon it as I traveled back from Charlotte ✈️, having spent the weekend immersed in the profound knowledge and passion of good friends and veterinary professionals. As I read through what I had penned about our practice and the vision I foresee, a nagging thought persisted: “Something is missing.” πŸ€”

Taking a step back has always offered clarity 🌟. It became evident to me how truly unique and pioneering our practice is, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. The balance they offer, much like the balance I seek in my own life, is both intricate and beautiful.

Yet, as I pondered, I realized my initial draft lacked the heartbeat of our practice: vulnerability 🩡. This summer, I lost a few dearly cherished patients 🐾. Each loss weighs heavily, serving as a painful reminder of the depth of care and love we shared. Grief and pride, two emotions so starkly different, coexist, making my journey incredibly fulfilling yet profoundly challenging at times.

We’re evolving, not just as a practice but as a community 🌍. Our trajectory is taking us into the realm of specialty care. By collaborating with board-certified specialists and obtaining unique accreditations, we are handling intricate cases that have traversed multiple medical routes. This growth is thrilling but, truth be told, occasionally overwhelming πŸ˜….

However, amidst these whirlwind emotions, my compass remains unchanged:Β my heartΒ πŸ’–. It was a promise I made when this journey began. Every decision, every step, has to resonate with the core of my being. Our practice is indeed a heart-centered one with the spirit of a unicorn πŸ¦„, boundlessly unique and passionate.

As we step into this vibrant season of fall 🍁, a time of harvest and renewal, I’m filled with gratitude πŸ™. Your unwavering support and trust have been the bedrock of our growth. A simple word-of-mouth recommendation or a heartfelt review has the power to amplify our voice and mission πŸ”Š.

Together, we’re crafting a narrative that’s not just about veterinary excellence but also about the raw, real emotions that come with it. Here’s to our shared journey, one that celebrates, grieves, learns, and evolves 🌼. The chapters ahead are teeming with promise, and I cannot wait to pen them with all of you.

In heartfelt gratitude and anticipation,
Dr. Lily Chen 🌸