As I sit down to write this week’s newsletter, my heart feels a little heavier than usual. We have had to say goodbye to some of our dear patients, and it’s something that never gets easier, no matter how long I’ve been in this profession. The end-of-life journey is filled with sadness, as we bid farewell to our beloved companions.
But amidst the grief, there is something I’ve learned over the years that brings a small measure of comfort. It is a reminder that the depth of our pain is a reflection of the immense love we have shared. It is the memories we’ve created and the bonds we’ve forged that give our lives meaning.
There have been so many pets over the years that pop into my head and heart – every time I lose a patient as they cross the rainbow bridge, those memories and pictures of their happy faces come rushing back to me. The laughter, the snuggles, the playful anticsβ€”they are all part of the tapestry of love we’ve woven together.Β 
To all the pets who have touched our lives, whether they are still with us or have journeyed beyond, we remember you. We celebrate the joy you brought into our lives and the love that continues to inspire us each day. While the pain of saying goodbye is real and profound, we find solace in knowing that we have given these pets a life filled with love, compassion, and exceptional care.
Please join me in remembering all the pets we have loved, celebrating their lives, and dedicating a moment to the incredible bonds and memories we share. It is through these connections that we find purpose and meaning in our work, and we are grateful for every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of both pets and their devoted families.

❀️With heartfelt remembrance,
Dr. Lily Chen