It’s not often that pet owners think about pet rehabilitation. But it is an essential part of pet ownership and can make a huge difference in your pet’s quality of life. While our comprehensive consultation includes western and eastern exams, we want to shine a light on pet rehabilitation and how it can keep your pet in good health.

What can Pet Rehabilitation Be Used For?

Pet rehabilitation can be used as a preventative measure to help your pet avoid injury. It is also helpful for those furry friends that have been injured or are suffering from an illness. Each pet is evaluated for their age, breed, temperament, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, present, and past medical problems. All this ensures your pet’s rehabilitation plan is right for them!

Rehabilitation treatment may help with both acute and persistent illnesses. Rehabilitation therapy entails using particular non-invasive therapies to help your pet return to normal as soon as possible.

What Methods of Rehabilitation Are There?

We use a variety of holistic therapies in tandem with conventional treatment for the most effective and customized treatment plan for your pet. Targeted exercises and specific physical manipulations are core treatments for rehabilitation. Specialized and specific equipment is used to generate therapeutic responses. Holistic therapies such as bodywork and massages complement the natural healing processes of the body. Laser therapy and a variety of acupuncture methods are safe, non-invasive ways to rehabilitate your furry friend. We practice acupuncture through traditional needling, electro-acupuncture, laser acupuncture, or aqua-puncture.

Rehabilitation is an excellent option for any pet, no matter the age or injury. It can help pets get back to full health and feel like themselves again. Holistic rehab options often use natural remedies that are less invasive than traditional medical treatments while still effectively addressing injuries and illnesses. If you have more questions about rehabilitation, give us a call today!