The heart of why we are here. πŸ’œ

Hello dear friends,

What a whirlwind of a week it’s been! We’ve been bustling with activity, welcoming new patients into our care with open arms. 🐾 It’s moments like these that truly remind us of the incredible journey we’re on together. We’re beyond thankful that our paths have crossed, allowing us to accompany these wonderful pets on their path to renewed health and happiness.

Amidst the hustle, I often find myself pausing to reflect on where it all began. From the humble beginnings of a simple housecall practice, armed with just acupuncture needles and a vision, to the vibrant tapestry of our full-service integrative practice adorned with cutting-edge technology and holistic treatments – the evolution has been nothing short of amazing. 🌟

Throughout this journey, one thing remains constant: the heart of why we started. It’s all about forging deep connections with each family we have the privilege to meet, and crafting a space that’s truly dedicated to healing in every sense of the word. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to slow down, ensuring there’s ample time for each and every one of you. As we continue to grow, please know that our entire team is united behind this shared vision and dream. Each of us brings unique gifts to the table, and our combined efforts are what make this practice truly extraordinary. πŸ’–

Speaking of gifts, I’m excited to share that we’re in the process of introducing you to the remarkable talents of my dedicated team. These incredible individuals bring their expertise and passion to our practice, enriching the care we provide to your beloved pets. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts where we’ll shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions they make.

As we navigate this journey together, always remember that you and your furry companions are at the heart of everything we do. Your trust and presence in our practice inspire us every day to continue pushing boundaries, striving for excellence, and above all, fostering the health and happiness of your cherished pets.

Wishing you a Happy Labor Day weekend filled with relaxation and joy. Stay safe and enjoy this well-deserved break!

With heartfelt appreciation for being a part of our story,

Dr. Lily Chen and the Caring Team at Integrative PetΒ