With holistic medicine, we believe that energy carries a frequency (scientifically speaking, it’s our electromagnetic field caused by our own atoms vibrating). Intention matters. 💟

When I first started studying acupuncture for pets, the teachers put an emphasis on “being intentional with the needling”. I have personally experienced that these intentions matter greatly when it comes to healing. 

From the moment Integrative Pet Wellness Center came into being, I wanted to be very intentional about this practice.  It didn’t matter as much to me exactly what kind of services we would provide (as I started out with just acupuncture and laser) or how much it would expand. I just wanted to create a space that is positive and healing. I love watching this intention blossomed into a practice and a community of like-minded people, creating this very unique space. The path of what this practice has been continually shaped by all of you who share this journey. I am so forever grateful. 

At the beginning of this year, instead of New Year resolution, I adopted the practice of creating a “word of the year” – a word that I can anchor my intention around in all the things I do.

My word is CONNECTION. 💞

This year has already been joyous because of the connections – I’ve had unexpected old friends who reached out after some time for wonderful reunions, I’ve had soulful conversations with friends and family, I’ve found so much meaning and purpose by going deeper and connect with people around me. I’ve also really started to love writing these short updates to you, and getting responses from you – it’s such a great extra layer of connection that I get to have with you.

These are our team’s words of the year
Intention, Expansion, Heart, Persistence, Manifestation, Punctuality, and Balance
(Can you guess who said what?) 😉

What’s your word of the year – let me know! 🙂

With love,
Dr. Lily Chen