Dear friends,

I am thinking of you. It is the fall season and normally a season that I enter with much gratitude and grounding. After the hustle and bustle of summer, I am usually grateful for the start of the school season; the weather gets cool, and, well, honestly, I find a familiar comfort with the pumpkin-spice-everything-season.

But my heart has been heavy with the fires raging around us, all the while with the pandemic still going on.

This year has called for so much courage, adaptability, patience, and compassion.

One of the questions I keep asking myself is – what can I do? How can I help?

And I keep coming back, always, to what I think I can do best – to serve the pets and the human-animal bond.

Because I see you – I see how much love you give to your furry children. I see how much strength they give back to you. I see how in this world of so much uncertainty, the love of our companions is one that we never have to doubt.
So I’ve been working hard – in the clinic (at Point Vicente Animal Hospital) and on my mobile practice. I try to answer every phone call, every text, every email, every request. Through your hope, love, and compassion fills my cup, and I am so grateful to be able to live and breathe my passion as my work.

Thank you for trusting me with the care of your most loved ones – whether it’d be letting me come into your home, meeting me in the park, having your pets come to the hospital, or meeting virtually. I don’t take any of it for granted.

This month, I am putting together a referral resource (especially mobile practice and integrative/holistic care) that I hope to continually update in the future for veterinary care in the greater Los Angeles area (and beyond, if you are not in this area) I am often asked about where to seek this care if my services are not available to your area, full with bookings, or you are looking for something beyond the services I offer. I hope this is helpful to you or your friends who may be looking for care.

Integrative or Holistic Mobile Practice:

1. Dr. Tori Countner at The Balanced Pet Vet

Dr. Tori is a wealth of knowledge in the world of integrative veterinary medicine, and her compassion and warmth shine through in her meticulous care of pets. Her Instagram account is full of practical insights and pearls about holistic pet care. She’s currently serving Los Angeles and San Diego area, working both as a mobile practitioner and a hospital clinician. She also writes, speaks, and helps educate on many platforms.

(I am not sure how she does it all, but she does it all so well)

2. Dr. Eve Harrison at Marigold Veterinary

Dr. Eve comes from an extensive background of veterinary medicine in general practice, surgical practice, emergency/specialty hospital, rehabilitation center, wildlife center, and shelters. She is now exclusively focusing on providing care at home using an integrative approach to treat the whole animal. She evaluates all the needs of the animal and their family and caregivers to give the best possible outcome. What I love the most about Dr. Eve is her innovative and personal approach to pet care and how she supports and empowers every family to care for their beloved pets.

(And, as a bonus, she really does travel all over the greater Los Angeles area, and this can be invaluable for many who need a mobile integrative practitioner)

Physical Therapy Facilities

1. Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC)

2. California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE)

3. Two Hands Four Paws

General Mobile Practice:

If you need general primary veterinary care at home

1. Dr. Paula Mobile Veterinary Service (Serving Southbay area)

2. Dr. Deb Robertson – South Bay Mobile Vet (Serving Southbay area)

3. Dr. Jaimie Siegel – Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital (Serving Coastal Cities of Los Angeles)

4. Dr. Gregory Shukhman – Family Veterinary Inc. (Serving greater Los Angeles area)

5. Dr. Daniela Rojas – OC Home Pet Care (Serving Orange County and Surrounding Area)

At-Home Euthanasia:

For those times where we have to say goodbye. These services were all started by colleagues I have personally worked with during my internship, and they all have the most gentle touch and compassionate care.

1. Dr. Jeanine Au – Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Care

2. Hearts and Halos

3. Serenity Veterinary Care

Mobile Grooming

1. Matt – Groom-r Housecall Pet Grooming

Of all the pet groomers I have worked with over the year, Matt is one of the most gentle groomers I have ever met. He is passionate about his craft and continues to educate himself with certifications, courses, and competitions. My 16-year-old Pomeranian normally stresses out with anyone who tries to handle her, but she was calm and happy with Matt. He is the one to call if you are looking for someone with that special touch.

2. Jess – Pupwash 911

Based in the Orange County area, Jess does an amazing job with all of her pups. She is passionate about pet care and takes meticulous care with all pups who come in for grooming. She continues to look for innovative ways to care for and pamper the pups and strives to create a wonderful community with pet lovers. I wish she was closer to me! She is the one to call if you are in the OC area.

Associations and Schools

These are the resources to check out if you want to find veterinarians who are holistic or integrative practitioners.

1. Chi University

2. International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

3. American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

4. College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies

I hope this is helpful for you. I post my newsletter onto my blog on my website, so it will always be available. I will continue to add and edit the list in the future. I would also recommend asking your regular veterinarian for referrals or search all the clinics in your area and go to their website to specifically check for the services they have available (alternative therapies are becoming more and more available). I have spoken with so many pet parents who are in need of alternative therapies, and I hope all of you find the practitioner who will help you in your journey. Sending love to all of you, please take care.

Dr. Lily