Pet Behavior is an important aspect of the human-animal bond. Pet behavior can be influenced by many factors, including genetics, previous life experiences, or even a lack of adequate stimulation. Behavioral issues are often overlooked but should not be taken lightly as they can cause emotional stress and anxiety, or aggression in pets. Working hand-in-hand with our team to develop and implement solutions to these behavioral issues can promote emotional and physical health and enhance the human-animal bond.

What is behavioral medicine and training?  

Behavioral medicine focuses on understanding the personality, emotions, and mental state of pets. This is essential when addressing pet behavior issues because it can help to appropriately identify what kind of approach should be taken in order to resolve the issue or improve the quality of life for both you and your pet. Behavioral training teaches pet parents how they may deter certain behaviors while reinforcing positive ones.

How do we assess your pet’s behavior?  

We will talk with you about your pet in order to get an idea of what is going on. Then we will work together to establish a plan. 
When can I expect results? Results vary depending upon the nature and severity of the issue(s). It takes time for training or behavioral changes to take hold.

What kind of behavioral training is there for pets?  

We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and discourage unwanted behaviors. 
Positive Reinforcement is rewarding your pet for exhibiting desired behaviors, whether it be with a treat or an activity that they enjoy. 

Behavioral training allows pets to have a happier, healthier life by improving their relationship with their pet parents and the people around them. 
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