Dear friends, ❤️

Recently I met up online with veterinary students in Colorado State University who have special interests in holistic medicine.  It was such a fun and engaging talk – I was so happy to see many veterinary students interested in taking a more holistic approach to pet care. 🐾

A question came up where they asked how I learned holistic modalities and where I would recommend for them to get started. 

A really cool thing is that many veterinary schools now offer Acupuncture training and certification as an elective part of the curriculum. 🌟 This was not available when I was a student! I am excited to see that Eastern medicine is gaining traction and recognition as an important part of education. 

My advice to the students was that to start with the training with Acupuncture because it is not just about putting needles into points. It is about learning the art and practice of Eastern medicine and looking at the body as a whole and learning the art of a healer through an entirely different lens from traditional Western medicine. However, I also asked them to look at what was already on their plates with the rigorous program that veterinary school already demands and decide if this is the journey they want to take on now. 💜

My holistic journey did not start until 5 years after graduating from vet school.  At that point, I was comfortable and confident as a Western practitioner and looking to fill in the holes that Western medicine could not offer.

Every holistic veterinarian started with all the training and knowledge as a Western practitioner, and from there, we decided that holistic medicine was what we wanted to practice based on our personal journeys and the passion we had, and the results we saw. ❤️

But the training for holistic modalities is not often a simple path – as there are many many different types of modalities available. Acupuncture certification was my introduction. From there, I finished certifications and training courses in Chinese herbal therapy, food therapy, and ozone therapy. I was introduced to CBD therapy, Bach Flower therapy, energy healing, and essential oil therapy. I am a forever student and the more I learn, I feel the less I know! The knowledge out there is vast and I am continuously fascinated by all the available healing modalities. This year, I am enrolled in a year-long mastermind focused on advanced acupuncture with a great group of very seasoned practitioners and even after many years of practicing acupuncture, we find that there are new things to learn all the time. 📝

And I am a student from my patients and the pet parents – as you continuously allow me to expand my horizon on new options and knowledge! 😃

As I was wrapping up my talk with the students at Colorado State University, I had a moment where I remembered myself as a young, eager veterinary student. I was so grateful looking back and realizing how amazing this journey has been and how happy I am to be able to integrate the knowledge the skills I have learned along the way. My role now is both a teacher and a student and I love it so much! 🥰

p.s. Coming up in the future, I am particularly interested in learning more about essential oil therapy and crystal healing. What are the holistic practices that you are passionate about?

With love and thoughts,
Dr. Lily Chen

Service Highlight – Phovia Light Treament

Instead of drugs and antibiotics, we are passionate about healing without putting more chemicals into the body. Phovia is a great way to heal up skin issues!

Phovia is a new Fluorescent Light Therapy designed to support and accelerate the healing of skin lesions in dogs and cats. Phovia can help pets with skin lesions heal up to twice as fast, resulting in:

  • Fewer applications of creams and sprays
  • Reduced antibiotic use
  • Less time in the dreaded E-collar or cone

Plus, Phovia is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical path to improved skin healing. It’s as simple as shining a light on a specific area for a short period of time.

Your pet can be back to normal in up to half the time. Often, you can see visible improvement in skin health in just two to three sessions!

How does it work?

When illuminated by the lamp, the gel releases fluorescent light energy. Applied to the skin, fluorescent light energy reaches deeper skin layers to stimulate cell regeneration. Light penetration into the skin is variable. Colors of light reach varying depths and create different results.

The Phovia treatment has two components: The Phovia LED lamp and the Phovia Gel. The proprietary gel converts the lamp’s blue light into fluorescence, which skin cells use to fuel the natural healing process.

The major benefits are:

  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Speeds up cell replacement
  3. Boosts local immunity
  4. Increases energy production
  5. Improves blood flow

Ask us about Phovia if your furry friend has skin issues!