Hello my dear pet family,

What a week it’s been at the clinic, filled with so many heartwarming moments. I have to start by expressing my overflowing gratitude to Ziggy and Zoey’s parents for the delightful tray of fresh fruits and desserts they brought us. Such gestures really brighten our days! 🍓🍰

Catching up with Charlie and Teddy’s mom, celebrating Sophie’s continued health progress, and sharing my conference tales with Micha’s mom have been some of the highlights. And hearing how much Maile’s mom was inspired by our newsletter to pursue an aromatherapy course – it’s just amazing!  Joji and Kuri’s family brought us their personalized cards and designs for the upcoming new year (they are amazing!), and so, so many of you blessed us with holiday treats. Looking back on this week, there are just many precious moments where I am reminded how connected we are sharing this journey. 💌💐

Our breakroom is a little haven right now, filled with treats from all of you, a constant reminder of the love and holiday cheer you bring into our lives. The thing I treasure most about this practice is the sense of community we share. My cup truly runneth over. ☕💕

I’m thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying the updates and pearls of wisdom in this newsletter. Your feedback is always welcome and cherished. It’s these little moments of connection each week that I truly savor. 🌟

I want to delve into something fascinating and seasonally apt this week – Mistletoe Therapy. Yes, you read that right! It’s not just a holiday decoration but a promising therapy, especially for our cancer-stricken furry friends. 🎄

What is Mistletoe Therapy?

Mistletoe Therapy involves using extracts from the mistletoe plant (Viscum album). While traditionally a festive plant, it’s been a part of human medicine for ages, especially in Europe. Now, it’s making waves in veterinary medicine, offering hope and support to pets battling cancer.

How Does Mistletoe Therapy Help with Cancer?

  • ➡️ 1. Boosting the Immune System: The extracts are believed to strengthen the immune response, helping it to combat cancer cells more efficiently.
  • ➡️ 2. Direct Action on Cancer: Research suggests these extracts can either slow cancer cell growth or attack them directly.
  • ➡️ 3. Enhancing Quality of Life: This therapy is also known for alleviating cancer-related symptoms, improving appetite, reducing pain, and overall enhancing the well-being of our pets.

Mistletoe in Veterinary Medicine

In our furry patients, mistletoe is administered in carefully controlled doses, often as injections. Each treatment is uniquely tailored to the pet’s specific cancer type and overall health.

This blend of natural and conventional medicine holds immense promise, offering an additional weapon in our fight against cancer. 🩷 And yes, we are now offering this for our patients. 

⛄️ Stay warm, stay loved, and here’s to a season filled with health and happiness for all our furry kids.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Lily Chen 🐾🌟