Dear friends, ❤️

Are you enjoying our warmer weather? I love the spring weather 🌼. It generally puts me in a better mood – the sunshine, the nice temperature, and the blossoming of plants. When I am stressed, I like taking walks outside, and it always helps. 🌞

Stress affects all of us and our companion animals.
Emotional trauma and anxiety will compromise physical health – this has been extensively researched and proven. These stressors change the hormonal state and equilibrium in our bodies so that we are less likely to fight off diseases. Stress and anxiety are one of the top predisposing factors for cancer. ❗️

But did you also know that emotional trauma can be passed down through genetic material tracing 6 generations back? That means we (and our furry companions) are carrying a lot more than we know. 🐾

For the pets who can’t talk to us about their feelings, I imagine they can have emotional states that are affecting their health more than we know.  

This is always on my mind – and for our practice, I am always working towards helping animals improve their emotional health as much as their physical health. I think these are the areas we can already do:

❤️ 1. Reduce their stress as much as possible when they come here for care. This has always been the mission at Integrative Pet. Our whole team is getting certified as Fear-Free Professionals ( ) and we are always working with you to find ways to make their visits better!

🧡 2. Balance and improve their Microbiome. 
If you have been coming to us for care, you are no stranger to Microbiome testing and Microbiome therapy.  The gut-brain connection is proven and real. And we need a healthy gut to process stress and changes in life. This in term will balance out emotional states and establish a healthy immune system.

💛 3. Connect with them energetically and help them heal from any emotional trauma that we may or may not be aware of. 
Checking for Chakras and balancing Chakras, therapeutic massages, Reiki, sound, and vibrational healing. These are wonderful gentle therapy that can have a powerful positive impact on their health.

💚 4. Making sure the nutrition, water, and lifestyle (such as exercises, and time outdoors) are specific and meet their needs. Consider any behavioral therapy as needed. 

💙 5. Essential oil therapy, Bach Flower therapy, CBD, and supplements can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

And remember – take care of yourselves too! We are so intimately bonded with our pets that our emotional states can affect them as well. 💜 As a practice, we are here to support you. 

With love and thoughts,
Dr. Lily Chen