I wholeheartedly believe in the power of preventive care and taking proactive measures to maintain our pets’ health and happiness. It’s an age-old saying, but its wisdom holds true. By focusing on prevention, we can avoid unnecessary suffering and ensure that our furry companions thrive.

When a patient comes to me with an existing issue, my goal is not only to address the symptoms and provide relief but also to delve deeper into the root causes. I want to know why the problem occurred in the first place and what signals the body gave that allowed the disease to manifest and progress. By gaining this holistic perspective, we can restore balance and prevent future issues from arising.

While Western medicine excels at managing symptoms and providing immediate solutions, it is the holistic approach that allows us to step back and see the bigger picture. This broader view enables us to identify deficiencies, imbalances, and early warning signs that may go unnoticed otherwise.

That’s why our wellness appointments are so crucial. They serve as checkpoints and opportunities to catch any imbalances or deficiencies early on, allowing us to take proactive steps to address them. During these appointments, we conduct routine blood work, organ checks, urine tests, heartworm and fecal tests, microbiome testing, vitamin and mineral testing, and even screening for heavy metal toxicity. In senior patients, we may also recommend additional imaging, such as x-rays and ultrasounds, to detect potential issues before they escalate.

Pets have a remarkable ability to conceal early clinical symptoms, making it challenging to detect underlying issues. As I’ve witnessed throughout my career, by the time symptoms surface, the disease may have been silently progressing for some time, making it more difficult to reverse the damage. That’s why I am passionate about advocating for preventive medicine rather than reactive medicine.

Together, let’s embrace a proactive approach to our pets’ healthcare. Through regular wellness appointments and early detection, we can ensure that our furry friends enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness. Your support and commitment to preventive care are invaluable in promoting their well-being. Join me on this journey, and let’s give our pets the gift of a vibrant and thriving life.Β 

With love,
Dr. Lily Chen