Hi friends,

I had a truly remarkable moment this week that I couldn’t wait to share with you. I was sitting with a pet parent who had questions about her pet’s microbiome testing. Before I could even pull up the results on my computer, Amanda, one of our dedicated team members, took the lead and expertly discussed the details of the results. She explained their significance, why they matter, and outlined our recommendations for improving the microbiome health.

In that moment, I couldn’t help but pause and reflect on the incredible growth and knowledge that each of our team members has cultivated in the field of integrative medicine. Every day, we encounter unique cases that require innovative approaches, propelling us to continually learn and expand our skill sets. Amanda, for example, has invested countless hours behind the scenes, delving into research, attending virtual meetings with industry experts, and relentlessly pursuing further education. Witnessing her dedication and that of our entire team fills me with immense pride and gratitude.

Our team members possess individual talents and passions that contribute to our collective expertise. I am overjoyed to see them flourish in our environment, as they strive to deliver holistic care and help us achieve remarkable results in pet health. Each team member plays a vital role in cultivating their passion and expertise, and together, we form a cohesive unit that offers comprehensive care, unlike anything I have witnessed in veterinary medicine.

While I jokingly said to Amanda after the visit, “Well, soon I will be useless as you guys will be taking over my job,” I am truly proud and happy to have cultivated a team that continually strives for a higher level of expertise. Their growth pushes me to keep educating and training them in integrative modalities while I research and learn new areas and fields that I haven’t explored yet. This constant pursuit of knowledge excites and fuels me immensely. I also think this is why our practice remains special – we will never be stagnant and fall behind the times. (Our team of overachieving personalities could never allow that 🀣)

When you entrust your beloved pets to us, please know that you are placing them in the hands of individuals who surpass the standard level of knowledge and care. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our field, continuously expanding our understanding of integrative medicine, and embracing the holistic approach to promote your pets’ well-being. ❀️

Thank you for being part of our journey and allowing us the privilege of caring for your furry companions. Your support and trust mean the world to us.

With heartfelt appreciation,
Dr. Lily Chen