Integrative Pet
Wellness Center

Heart-Centered Veterinary Care with a Unicorn Spirit

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Unique Veterinary Care

We strive to be the unicorns in delivering exceptional veterinary care that is unlike any other veterinary hospital. Read more about our unicorn spirit here. Our mission is to create a healing space for people and pets while celebrating and promoting the human-animal bond.

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We have an open space. This means no front or back rooms. You can stay with your pets during all of your appointments and be with us during treatments. The space feels like coming to our own home rather than a hospital. Your pets and you can relax when coming to us.

On-Time Appointments

We value your time. You start and end your appointments timely. There is no reception waiting area, and a technician is assigned to every appointment to help you with everything you need.

Ease of Communication

Easily communicate with us through texting or email. All of our communications are answered by the doctors or the veterinary technicians who work with your pets. You don’t have to go through receptionists – we know that you need clear directions and answers. Our team makes it easy for you.

Personalized Care

To us, no two pets or families are the same. We listen to your needs and match the care to the individual pet and your wishes. This is also a judgment-free zone. We will support you in your choice of pet care.

Wellness Unleashed


Every pet needs fruits of western medicine – vaccinations, medicine, surgery, dentistry, and more. But, it has its limits. Underlying imbalances in the body can cause chronic inflammation, pain, and diseases. Medications sometimes mask symptoms leading to more problems later. There is a better way.


There are no shortcuts to truly great medicine. Every client at Integrative Pet Wellness Center receives a highly customized treatment plan based on their physiology and unique needs. Dr. Lily Chen takes the time to know your pet and your goals for them. Her goal is to help them live a longer, happier life.


From puppies and kittens to senior pets, holistic medicine can offer an incredible transformation by treating the body as a whole and paying attention to nutrition/lifestyle. You care so deeply for your furry companions, and we are here to help you share more happy, innocent, and precious moments together.

Your Passion, Her Love

To Dr. Lily Chen, caring for your pet isn’t a profession. It is her calling in life. She graduated from the most prestigious veterinary school globally and excelled at traditional medicine for many years. However, Dr. Chen began to notice the incredible transformations that could occur when treating pain and cultivating wellness through acupuncture and other holistic approaches. She saw a better way. A way that is more individualized, effective, and offers a harmony between western and eastern medicine. Dr. Chen takes the time to get to know you, understand what you want for your pet, and create an individualized plan that incorporates western and holistic medicine. She will guide you and your pet to a happier, healthier, and longer life together. After all, it’s why she wakes up in the morning.

Trust. Compassion. Healing.

Dr. Chen is one of the most gentle and compassionate vets we have ever encountered. Her approach to helping our senior English Bulldog with her arthritis was simple and effective and gave our pup an incredible quality of life through age 16. Through alternative medicines, acupuncture, and laser therapies we were able to relieve her pain and even saw her run in the yard like a puppy after a few sessions. It gave us peace of mind knowing that we were doing what we could to keep our girl pain-free and happy. Bringing Dr. Chen into our lives was the best decision we ever made.

– Sandee

Dr. Chen and her acupuncture are a miracle – literally. I have a 10-year-old labradoodle who could barely stand up. Having her come to the house was a Godsend as I was unable to get him into a car. He had been moaning from lower back pain which had been a problem for a few weeks. He had been on pain medicine – but that only masked the problem. After his first acupuncture treatment, he was running and playing again within the first week. He had his second treatment today and he is in love with Dr. Chen! She is clearly a natural with animals. I can’t say enough great things – she is a miracle in our lives as my dog is no longer suffering and his injury is actually healing! Thank you, Dr. Chen!

– Karen

Dr. Chen responded right away to my call. She was so caring on the phone I knew we’d be in good hands. I could not lift my overweight 12 year old golden retriever. I thought acupuncture might help him. He had been slipping on walks and on the stairs – it was very worrisome. Dr. Chen has been helping him with treatment and acupuncture. She stopped his pain meds immediately – he has not needed them due to her treatment! Dr. Chen is wonderful!

– Sheila